• The emphasis of our work lies in consultancy, training and research relating to all aspects of organisation development, group development, and individual development.
  • Our attempt is always to stimulate healing forces in people and organisations, so that both can develop further. We strive towards a healthy interrelationship between the spiritual, human and material aspects of social organisms.
  • Members of the Association are individuals who as developmentally orientated professionals commit themselves to work towards its aims, recognise each other as professionally competent, and strive to develop this competence further.
  • To meet and work with a group of colleagues working out of the same spiritual background is an important aspect of our social impulse. The members of the group also support each other in their development as human beings.

Here you find a list of Members, who look forward hearing from you

Name Region Languages Contact Website
Thais Magalhães mail
Hans Ruijs mail
Thais Magalhães Linked In
Ron Henkes Linked In
bernard hucher French, German, English - Europe
Marc Wethmar Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Netherlands german, english, dutch, french Linked In
Trude Kalcher Austria, Switzerland German, English Facebook
Madeleine Wulff Netherlands Nederlands, English, Norsk, Deutsch Linked In
George Perry UK and China English Linked In
Teresa Mazzei Italy, and other countries Italian, English Linked In
Hans W. Steisslinger Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, UK, USA, German, English, Portuguese, French Linked In
Harald Jäckel Germany, living in Swizerland german, english mail
Andreas von Zadow German and English Linked In
Maarten Moens The Netherlands. Dutch, English, German. (Nederlands, English, Deutsch) Linked In
Bernadette Castilho Brasil Portuguese, French, English, Spanish Linked In
Dina Ushakova Belarus. Russia Russian. English Linked In
Horst Hartmann Dipl.Ökonom Germany deutsch/englisch
Christian Lucke Germany German, Dutch, English mail
Paula T Saboia Portugal, Brazil Portuguese, English Linked In
Jakob Tewes Germany German, English, Spanish Website
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